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Tapered Leader DOHIKU - Camo Tapered Leader DOHIKU - Camo 2
Tapered Leader and Tippets

Tapered Leader DOHIKU - Camo

SNFC: Tapered  monofilament leader DOHIKU - Camo Butt : 4x - 0,55 mm, 5x - 0,50 mm, 6x - 0,40 mm Tip : 4x - 0,18 mm, 5x - 0,15 mm, 6x - 0,13 mm Length: 2,75 m
HDS/8 HDS/8 2
Fly Hooks DOHIKU barbless


Streamer hook HDS / 8 - This hook is designed for trout fishing. It is used for streamers,buggers and  lures. DOHIKU hooks are made from a high carbon steel, which is hardened and tempered according to an exacting formula that makes a long life for them. Of course, they are chemically sharpened. Finish - Black Nickel. 25 hooks per pack. Hand sorted.
Striker Indicators, IND 01 Striker Indicators, IND 01 2
Tapered Leader and Tippets

Striker Indicators, IND 01

IND 01
Ideal for nymphing and French nymphing. Two microrings on both sides enable the simple application to your leader. Length: 10/13 cm Test Strength: 4,8 kg 

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From all 1000+ DOHIKU products

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