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HookBobbin HookBobbin 2
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The HookBobbin is a patented adjustable tension bobbin holder with two retractable hooks which allow you to quickly and easily roll a dubbing around the shaft of a hook without the need for a dubbing twister. It also allows you to easily mount a CDC feather without any other device. The HookBobbin is equipped with an interchangeable tip of stainless...
Camouflage thread Camouflage thread 2
Thread, tinsel and wire

Camouflage thread

We offer a special camouflage thread. The structure of the thread is two-colored and faithfully mimics the structure of the flies. We recommend it for tying body of mayfly and caddis. 1 spool/40 m
Polarized glasses, yellow... Polarized glasses, yellow... 2
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Polarized glasses, yellow lenses

Yellow Polarized glasses, which brighten and sharpen vision on an overcast day, and allow you to see below the surface of the water.  The textile case free !!!

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