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Braided tapered fly fishing... Braided tapered fly fishing... 2

Braided tapered fly fishing leader

Knitted tapered fly fishing leader with micro-ring is fitted with a quick coupling for a better connection. The rig is springing and making the fly easier. PLN - clear PLN 2 - yellow The length is about 80 cm.
HDD 301/20 HDD 301/20 2
Dohiku HDD 301 - Dry flies

HDD 301/20

HDD 301/20
HDD 301/20 -The shape of this hook is ideal for most dry patterns, also for gold head flies.   DOHIKU hooks are made from a high carbon steel, which is hardened and tempered according to an exacting formula that makes a long life for them. Of course, they are chemically sharpened. Finish - Black Nickel. 25 hooks per pack.
Coq de Leon, Natural - CDL 01
Fly Tying Materials

Coq de Leon, Natural - CDL 01

CDL 01
Coq de Leon -  NEW 1 pack / 5 feathers. Selective and really high-quality feather from the neck scalp of Coq De Leon type of rooster. This is a very luxurious type of feathers with unique draw of single raysof feathers!

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From all 1000+ DOHIKU products

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