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Waterproof Double Head Pens Waterproof Double Head Pens 2

Waterproof Double Head Pens

Permanent Marker for all fly fishing patterns! These permanent pens are useful for coloration of flies, lures or fishing lines. You can colour almoust every synthetic tying material or lure with these pens to make every streamer or lure an incredible "tease" for all predators.
Fairy Hair, White - FHA 01
Fly Tying Materials

Fairy Hair, White - FHA 01

FHA 01
Fairy hair is very gently transparent material. It does not take water so you can tie bigger flies without any doubts for weight of flies. Perfect material for body, tail of wings. We recommend it especially for body of fly. 1 pack: 2,0 g Length: about 200 mm
Tapered Leader DOHIKU - Camo Tapered Leader DOHIKU - Camo 2
Tapered Leader and Tippets

Tapered Leader DOHIKU - Camo

SNFC: Tapered  monofilament leader DOHIKU - Camo Butt : 4x - 0,55 mm, 5x - 0,50 mm, 6x - 0,40 mm Tip : 4x - 0,18 mm, 5x - 0,15 mm, 6x - 0,13 mm Length: 2,75 m

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From all 1000+ DOHIKU products

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