Perdigon UV Resin Clear 10ml, Medium

Resin UVCP
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Perdigon UV Resin Clear 10ml is our newest resin. We started to use it for tying our range of micro nymphs and perdigon nymphs using this reason. What we love at this resin is how thin it is and how fast and uniform is covering the entire body without trapping air bubbles. An extra advantage is in viscosity, due to the fact that the resin is ultra thin means that the layer remain thin and the fly will have a delicate silhouette.

How to use it:

apply a very small drop of resin, preferable with a small needle

coat  for a few seconds

repeat with the second layer and third if necessary to obtain a thicker coat

final exposure should be longer - aprox 30 sec or a little bit more if necessary


for coating dry flies bodies or heads one layer is enough

for coating nymphs and emergers we recommend 2 or 3 layers

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